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Collection highlight: eJournal access

Just a quick collections note: As we move through the Collaborative Futures projects, access to materials will change.

Currently, the most reliable place to look up ejournal titles is the ejournals A-Z listing, located on the home page of the library website.

Library and Archives Canada catalogues: What’s new?

Library and Archives Canada has updated their library catalogues with two new offerings.
Voilà replaces AMICUS, and includes bibliographic descriptions and location information for published materials held at most libraries across Canada, including LAC’s collection. Voilà covers all subject areas and formats, including printed books, computer files, sound recordings, videos, maps, microforms, newspapers, and works in large print and Braille; and,Aurora is Library and Archives Canada’s online catalogue of published material held in its own local collection, and based upon the same WorldCata platform, and "look and feel" as Voilà.When in doubt about which one to search, we recommend Voilà as it searches the combined catalogues of most Canadian libraries and includes LAC’s local collection. An A-Z entry on the library’s web page has been added.

In a nutshell: Aurora is a limited “view” of the much larger Voila, and Voila is a “Canadian view” of the giant WorldCat catalogue.

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Student conference proposals: Capital Research Day


Spring Conference: Registration now open

Registration is now open for the Carleton University 2019 Spring Conference. Registration is now open!

The conference is being held April 12 – 14, 2019 and you can check the website for more information.

Spring Conference is Carleton University’s annual weekend retreat for faculty, librarians, support staff, administrators and retirees. This year we’ll be gathering at the Glen House Resort in Lansdowne, Ontario for a weekend of presentations, interesting discussions, great food and relaxed social activities. The Spring Conference Committee has lined up an exciting array of speakers you won’t want to miss.

Photo credit:Andrea Reiman on Unsplash