Library open house

MacOdrum Library invites you to an “Ask Us Anything” open house on Thursday May 7from 12-1 p.m. This event will be hosted on Zoom and is open to all instructors and faculty teaching this summer.
Representatives from the library will be available to answer any questions you have for the upcoming semester about reserves, copyright, research, data, GIS and more.
Pleaseregisterin advance.
If you can’t make it please, either email me ( or visit MacOdrum’sResearch Help page to contact us about ways we can help you.

Shadowpox: Free online game about viruses and social distancing

Shadowpox: #Stayathome is a free online game set in an immersive science fiction storyworld and informed by real-world public health challenges. Shadowpox: #StayHome Edition helps players visualize the impact of deciding to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the effect on their community if they do not. Read more.
I am intrigued by this game ... it could be a very meaningful addition to any course that speaks to public health issues, social interactions, and/or free will.

I can see it being integrated into a course (either a fully online course or eventually a blended learning course) and used as a starting point for discussion and reflection.

I have created a link to the game on the Games: Studies and Development detailed subject guide (under the Find games section). Try it and let me know what you think:
The MacOdrum Library building is closed to students and faculty; however, our online resources and services are available to you and staff are committed to assisting students and faculty remotely.

The decision to close the library building was made in consideration of the health of students and staff and to do our part to slow the spread of Covid-19 in our community.On Monday, the Ontario Public Health Minister recommended closing libraries across the province and on Tuesday, the Declaration of the State of Emergency took steps to limit gatherings of 50 people or more and the closing of public spaces.

Our actions are consistent with other academic libraries across Ontario, Canada, and the United States.

1.Use our online Ask Chat service for reference and research assistance. See: Ask Chat service hours
2.Strategies for instructors: ·Help your students research their papers with a tailored course guidesubject guide, or contact a research support specialist.
·Give your students access to li…

Research skills video playlist: Embed in cuLearn

I have made a suite of instructional videos to help students improve their foundational search skills such as evaluating online information, as well as finding books and journal articles. This suite or playlist is found on the Library website:

1. Go to
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the video/Youtube link in the bottom right-hand corner.
3. Click on playlists and then the Research Skills 2019 playlist.

These videos can be embedded in cuLearn.

Library services: End-of-term changes

Changes have been made to Library services for the remainder of the term. These changes are posted on the Library website home page (
Specific changes have been made to the research help offered by Research Support Services (my department):
Reference questions will be answered via Big Blue Button, email and/or phone.Personal research consultations will be done via Big Blue Button, email and/or phoneThese changes will be updated as needed. If you have any questions, please email me at

Going online: Library support available through cuLearn

Here are some ways you can incorporate library-based research support in cuLearn as you teach the next three weeks online:

1. Create a block and link to our Ask a Librarian virtual reference desk/chat service. Here's the link that you embed:

Encourage your students to use this service as it is available seven (7) days a week.

2. Create a block that links to the subject guides (quick and detailed) for your discipline.

3. I can meet with students individually via Big Blue Button. Here's an announcement you can send:

Good morning (afternoon),
If you need research assistance during the last three weeks of term, please contact Interdisciplinary Studies Librarian Martha Attridge Bufton by email to book an online or telephone consultation. Martha's email is

4. Here is a link to a research skills playlist that I have created: I have created a number…

Collections: An ecotopian lexicon

An ecotopian lexicon (2019) introduces readers to:
Presents thirty novel terms that do not yet exist in English to envision ways of responding to the environmental challenges of our generation.Included are terms such as blockadia, nahua and sila. Janet Tamalik McGrath has authored the chapter on sila, which she defines as:
the many interconnected concepts, depending on the context: outdoors, outer, globe, Earth, atmosphere, weather, air, sky, intellect, intelligence, spirit, energy, cosmos, space, universe, and even life force. McGrath graduate from Carleton with a PhD in Canadian Studies. Her dissertation is entitled Umaksaqsiurutigijakka : conversationswith Aupilaarjuk towards a theory of Inuktitut knowledge renewal and available through CURVE, our institutional repository.