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Now Accepting Library Reserve Requests

MacOdrum Library is now accepting library reserve requests for the upcoming academic year. Send your course outline or reading list to and the readings will be added to Ares, our course reserve management system. 
The reserves staff will retrieve, scan, and process all readings and will also ensure all e-reserve material comply with current copyright guidelines. Students will be able to access their electronic readings through cuLearn. 
Questions? Please visit the Library Reserves website for more information, or, contact the library reserves staff at 613.520.2600 x2533 or email

Virtual reference for cuLearn

You can link to the Carleton University Library virtual reference desk in cuLearn!

This online library help service is available to students (and faculty) seven days a week—hours vary but the service is open Monday to Sunday.

A link can be added in cuLearn to remind students that research help is only a click away. If you're interested, I can help you do this in early September. We have a logo and a link to our Help page where the service "lives."

Let me know at

cuLearn: Instructional videos

I have created a suite of instructional videos that can be uploaded to cuLearn. Topics include:

Popular vs academic sourcesWhat is a peer reviewed journal article?Finding academic sources using the library main search option and subject guidesEvaluating online information: Using the CRAP test
These videos can be used to supplement in-class research skills sessions and embedded in a given week/section of your course.
If you're interested in learning more, don't hesitate to contact me at

Summer hours: Martha

Photo by Alysa Bajenaru on Unsplash

I am away from Tuesday, August 6 to Monday, September 2, 2019 inclusive.  I'm looking forward to working with you all during the 2019-2020 academic year!

If you have questions while I am away, you can reach out to staff at our Research Support Services research help desk on the main/second floor of the library.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.

Updates on video streaming

I wanted to give you an update regarding film/video streaming at Carleton—things change fast!
In March 2019 we had to shut down, demand-driven purchasing of videos from Kanopy for budgetary reasons; mediated purchasing has continued to ensure teaching needs are met.
This prompted us to review our film purchasing strategy.As such, we wanted to give you some library updates on video streaming for the 2019-20 school year:
We will be reinstating our subscription toFilms on Demand- Master Academic Collection. We will have access to it from August 1, 2019 (in time for people preparing for their classes)Films on Demand is a cross-curricular digital video library on a range of subjects. Each video is divided in segments which allow users to show only the segments if needed We are going to continue Kanopy as a fully mediated product- This means that instead of having the entire catalogue open and films that are viewed become purchased, those who want a film will have to make a request. This form …